by Huffin' Paint

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released May 27, 2012

Recorded at Stuck On a Name, Nottingham by Ian Boult -

Boult - Guitars, Eddie - Vocals, Jake - Bass & Phil - drums



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Huffin' Paint Nottingham, UK

Fastcore nonsense played by four Northern jerks all residing in Nottingham.

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Track Name: Real to me
I want my theme tune to hit whenever i walk into a room
I want 3 weeks build up for every fight i have
Everyone has to be face or heel, no tweeners
I want to give my boss a stunner!
Track Name: Floating head
Everytime I make a bet I'm confronted by Ray Winstones head,
Telling me to bet in play, why won't the fucker go away,
Blocking my view of the game with "the latest live odds" Fuck off Ray!

It's all part of the service,
I don't want any part of your service
Track Name: Vice Punx
I couldn't care about hipsters at all
All the shit they get is fucking piss poor
It's comical watching the group shouts from people who are so unaware what they shitting on n slating sums themselves up perfectly
I dont hate vice punx, i hate the "deluded" cunts who pretend they arn't.
Track Name: Huffin' Paint
This band is a front for our solvent abuse
As if we like hardcore or playing fast
Only reason Phil is in the band,
Is so we could loot his screenprinting room
Take the paint away n watch us quit
Sniffing Glue doesn’t work
Huffing Terps isn’t fun
Huffin Paint!
Track Name: Fear n Loathing in the Lake District
Oh my word! what the fuck is that???
A man with a wheelbarrow, he thinks it a truck
There must be something in the water
To deal with these people I need more drugs
Track Name: LADS!!!!!
I shouldnt drink beer in another land
makes me act like a sun reading lager lout.
conform to the stereotype of all Brits abroad
Act mouthy and abusive, cus others "dont understand" (a word you say)
Track Name: The most wonderful time of the year
With IPA to be drank, porter to be sank
I'm full of good cheer
With Pies to be bought, Curry to be sought
all so i can drink more beer
Beer fest is the most wonderful time
it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!
Castle Rock, Titanic, Blue Monkey
Allllllll Supped!